Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Print and Apply Labeling Enhances Distribution Processes

Print and apply labeling enhances distribution centers worldwide with increased productivity and profitability by significantly reducing manual labor costs while improving accuracy and throughput.  Print and apply labeling systems automate the function of placing one or several documents on to cartons such as certificates of conformance or special instructions, and automatically prints and places the packing slip and shipping label onto the outside of cartons.  

Print and apply labeling is most advantageous when combined with a warehouse control system, designed for optimum flow and maximum throughput.

Numina Group Provides Print and Apply Labeling with Proven Warehouse Control System

The Numina Group has over three decades of experience in designing and defining optimized warehouse flow for Distribution Centers across North America.  Our print and apply labeling systems are part of a total warehouse solution guaranteed to increase throughput and improve accuracy.  Numina’s X-Press PAL™ eliminates any “bottle-neck” in your packing area by automating once manual processes such as weighing, dimensioning, labeling and applying packing sheets.  

X-Press PAL™ by Numina provides in-line scanning, weighing and dimensioning and automatically applies the correct shipment label at a rate of more than 900 cartons per hour (CPH), which has been proven to eliminate up to three manual operators in pack and ship processes.  Our labeling solutions are the highest performing in the industry reducing 35 seconds or more from every shipment.

With these numbers, most of our customers experience total return on investment (ROI) in less than one year.  

Numina’s Real-Time Distribution, (RDS™), is a Tier One Warehouse Control and Execution System (WCS-WES), which consists of a family of pre-developed, flexible and scalable modules designed to grow with your business.  Numina’s Print and Apply solutions include X-Press PAL™, X-Press PAL™ Plus, and One-Step Plus™, and provide the most advanced automated warehouse technologies available today.  

Numina Group leads the industry with warehouse automation and design, providing immediate return on investment with ongoing high profitability and productivity.  Our Warehouse Control System drastically increases throughput while improving accuracy.  Contact us today to speak with an engineer and learn how we can save you time and money with optimized warehouse automation.  

Monday, February 12, 2018

Voice Picking System Enhances Frozen Food Distribution

The frozen food distribution industry requires a high level of accuracy and timeliness in distribution processes, while required to meet stringent regulations enforced by the USDA.  Workers in these environments are exposed to cold temperatures while picking and packing orders, so it is imperative that the process be quick and accurate.   Warehouse automation in frozen food industry is proven to reduce labor costs, increase accuracy and profitability.
Numina Group Provides Proven Frozen Food Warehouse Automation Technologies
The Numina Group is experienced in improving Distribution Centers across North America, with proven Warehouse Control and Execution Systems (WCS-WES) to improve productivity and profitability.  
Frozen Food Case Study with Real Results
Numina Group has improved the distribution process for Neesvig’s, a specialty food fulfillment and meat processing firm.  Nessvig’s provides third party logistics services nationwide for the brand food suppliers of refrigerated, frozen, and perishable foods.   Watch a quick video on the success of Numina’s warehouse design and implementation of Neesvig’s warehouse control system featuring Real-Time Distribution, RDS™.  
RDS™ and Voice Directed Picking
The Voice Directed Picking module of RDS manages the entire pick, pack and ship functions of the order fulfillment process, with hands-free voice directed pick and pack directions.  RDS Voice batch picking begins in the freezer area, and directs picking throughout the operation.  Products are validated with a combination of voice and hands-free scanning capturing lot numbers, GS-1, SKUs, and sell by dates.  Cartons are then moved and slotted to the cooler and shipping areas, where Print and Apply Labeling Systems automatically apply packing slips and shipping documents.  In-line scales and validation scanners slot cartons to either UPS or FedEx load stations for shipping.   
Benefits of RDS Voice Picking System
In the case of Neesvig’s, Numina’s RDS Voice Picking System “reduced picking labor in the freezer by 50 percent”.  Numina’s Warehouse Control System is guaranteed to provide results, with quick ROI usually within one year.   RDS™ easily integrates with any Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.  

Numina Group leads the industry with warehouse automation offering advanced technologies that are designed to grow with your business.  Contact us today to speak with an engineer to learn how we can improve your productivity and profitability.  

Monday, February 5, 2018

Solve Labor Shortage Dilemma with Warehouse Automation

The current National Unemployment rate is at a 17 year low of 4.1% to start the new year of 2018.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, data from the last 10 years shows that 2017 was the only year with unemployment rates under 5% the entire year while showing a continual decline each month to reach the current low rate of 4.1%.  
As a business owner or manager, you have been aware of these statistics in the form of unprecedented labor shortages.  How do you attract new talent and keep the employees you have?  How do you meet your production requirements with a lean workforce, or positions that continue to have a revolving door?  
The answer is warehouse automation.   Automating your warehouse for maximum efficiency with a Warehouse Control System is a proven solution to this ever-growing problem.   With a lean, automated warehouse, you will no longer be scrambling to find skilled employees to fill manual repetitive positions.  In addition, your current workforce will enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art automated equipment making their job more fun, interesting and engaging.  
Numina Group Offers Proven Solutions with Automated Warehouse Technologies
The Numina Group can help you reach your goals with our Tier One Warehouse Control and Execution System (WCS-WES), proven to:
    • Reduce labor costs anywhere from 30% to 70%
    • Improve accuracy in order fulfillment to 99.99%
    • Increase profitability on average of 30%
Numina Group has decades of experience in improving the operations of Distribution Centers across North America.  We work closely with you to define your current distribution process, and design the optimum flow through value stream mapping practices, showing you where you can eliminate waste and improve productivity.  Our skilled engineers implement automated warehouse technologies proven to save you time and money, improving accuracy and order fulfillment metrics.  
Our Tier One Warehouse Control System, Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, is flexible to meet the demands of any sized distribution process, including high volume, continuous operations.  RDS™ has the scalability to grow with your business and integrates with existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
Solve your current labor shortage dilemma once and for all, and provide job security to your current workforce by reducing costs, increasing profits, and safeguarding your company’s sustainability.  

The Numina Group provides automated solutions and realized cost savings with our Warehouse Control and Execution System, RDS™.  View our case studies to see real life success stories, and contact us today to learn more about how we can provide increased productivity and profitability to your distribution process.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Increase Throughput with Print and Apply Labeling

Automated print and apply labeling systems are proven to increase throughput and reduce manual labor expenses.  Print and apply labeling systems are used in distribution centers to automate the function of manually placing shipping documents on cartons such as packing slips and shipping labels including certificates of conformance for international shipments.  

While there are companies that will sell you the equipment for auto print and apply functions, be sure to work with a reputable automation expert that offers a total warehouse automation solution.  Automatically printing and applying your labels is a huge time saver that brings many benefits, and when combined with a warehouse control and execution system you realize maximum productivity and profitability.

Combine with Warehouse Control and Execution for Maximum Profitability

The Numina Group has over thirty years of experience in defining, designing and implementing automated warehouse solutions for distribution centers across North America.  Our Tier One Warehouse Control and Execution System (WCS-WES), Real-Time Distribution™ (RDS™), is a full family of pre-developed modules that are flexible for customization to your system and scalable, designed to grow with your business.

Print and Apply Labeling solutions by Numina offer much more than automated equipment, our automated printing solutions are driven by powerful software built to last in high performing, fast-paced distribution centers running 24/7.  Numina’s print and apply solutions produce combination packing slip and shipping labels in 4” x 6” or 8 ½” x 11” on single or double-sided labels.  Our sophisticated automated solution will also scan, weigh and verify carton dimensions for accuracy and automatically apply all required documentation including shipping labels and retailer documentation.

Benefits of Numina’s Print and Apply Labeling Systems

Our robust warehouse control system integrates with your warehouse management or ERP system, providing drastic increases in accuracy of up to 99.9% over manually applied label systems.  By quickly and efficiently processing thousands of cartons per hour, Numina’s auto printing and label applying system provides significant cost reductions in manual labor along with reductions in shipping material expenses.

Numina’s automated printing solutions provide increased throughput, reduced manual labor expense, improvement in accuracy over manual systems, and cost reductions in shipping materials.  Learn more about Numina’s One-Step, One-Step Plus™, X-Press PAL™ and X-Press PAL Plus™ for the most efficient automated print and apply labeling system available today.  

Numina Group is an experienced warehouse design and automation company, providing total automated solutions that increase productivity and profitability.  Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer about how we can improve your efficiency, accuracy and profit with our automated print and apply solutions.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Benefits of Voice Picking Systems in Distribution Centers

A voice picking system is automated technology that gives simple voice commands to employees through a speaker in a headset or vest for warehouse picking applications.  Voice directed picking allows for hands-free scanning, which is a huge productivity booster when employees can move freely and efficiently through the warehouse without carrying a paper list or a scanner in one hand.  Voice commands direct employees throughout the warehouse to the next picking area most optimized for efficiency based on your warehouse control system, and smart scanning of serial numbers and SKUs.
Voice picking technology is also used for replenishment operations, improving put away as well as pick functions.  With picking labor making up approximately 55% of the total labor cost for distribution centers, implementing the leanest process available with the right technology drastically reduces costs by eliminating wasted touches, improving productivity and profitability.
Benefits of a Voice Picking System
Voice directed picking offers a multitude of benefits as this technology has become increasingly cost effective to implement in recent years, if designed properly from a reputable warehouse automation company.  Voice picking systems by The Numina Group are proven to provide several benefits including:
  • Simple to implement
  • Zero operator training
  • Quick return on investment often within 12 to 18 months
  • Versatile with proven automation solutions in Omni-Channel, B to B, and E-Commerce picking
  • Increase in order fulfillment accuracy to 99.99%
  • Productivity increase of up to 30%
  • Included Labor Management Module for productivity tracking and analysis
Voice Picking System and Automation Supplier
The Numina Group is a warehouse automation expert, with more than thirty years of experience defining, designing and implementing automated warehouse solutions for some of the highest volume distribution centers in the world.  Numina Group assists various industries including the food industry, electronics, omni-channel distribution centers, production facilities and distribution centers.  Check out these successful case studies for more information.

The Numina Group is an industry leader in warehouse design and implementation of the most reliable warehouse control system available today.  Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer to learn more about our automated warehouse solutions including voice picking systems.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Warehouse Control Software that Outperforms Competition

There is a substantial difference between just managing your warehouse, and controlling your warehouse distribution processes.  To obtain the maximum efficiency and profitability possible with your distribution system, it is crucial to have real-time data for real-time control and execution of all order fulfillment systems.  Real-Time Distribution System, RDS™, is a Tier One Warehouse Control and Execution (WCS-WES) System that delivers maximum control to distributions systems across North America.
Technologically Advanced Warehouse Software
Numina Group has over thirty years of experience in warehouse design and implementation of streamlined order fulfillment processes, utilizing the latest in technological advancements for optimum efficiency.  Numina Group’s Real-Time Distribution System is a flexible and scalable WCS-WES designed to grow with your business, optimizing flow in small warehouses and processing the demands from some of the highest-volume distribution centers.
RDS includes a full family of pre-developed modules, with a sophisticated Order Release Module that performs technical batch orders or continuous wave-less order release logic.  RDS™ fully integrates with any WMS or ERP system, bridging the gap between your order fulfillment processes and advanced automated equipment.  
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all your automated warehouse equipment was connected to the same warehouse control system?  With Numina, you can combine your current technologies with the most sophisticated control and execution platform available.  RDS™ acts as your production floor supervisor, automatically adapting to new situations and eliminating bottlenecks in your process.
Benefits of Real-Time Distribution Software for Warehouse Control
Numina’s WCS-WES is proven to improve order fulfillment accuracy to more than 99.9%, reduce labor costs up to 70%, and increase profitability on average of 30%.  
Our skilled design and engineering team begins with a thorough analysis of your distribution process, conducting value stream mapping exercises to drill down on each labor touch and component of your process.  We provide a comparison of your current process to our optimized flow process, showing you where we can save you time and money.  
Real time control is crucial to obtaining maximum profitability in any distribution process.  Reliable and scalable software is the key to driving advanced technologies, and is the one component you cannot compromise on.  
All modules are designed to improve efficiency and profitability, such as our Voice Picking System that provides hands free voice directed picking and requires zero operator training.  Numina’s Print and Apply Labeling System automatically places the proper label and routing instructions on your cartons with proper placement of all customer specific packing slips and documents, and provides smart sorting for accurate shipping.
When it comes to implementing the best warehouse software to give you total control, scalability to accommodate future growth, accuracy to achieve total customer satisfaction and maximum efficiency for maximum profit – look no further than Numina Group.

Numina Group is your one stop for warehouse design and automation, helping companies to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.  Contact us today to speak with an engineer about how we can customize an automated warehouse solution for you with the most advanced warehouse software available.  

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Maximize Your Profit with a Warehouse Control System

If you want to reach the maximum profitability possible with warehouse automation, you should realize the multitude of benefits provided by a proven warehouse control system. Simply managing your warehouse isn’t quite good enough when you can have complete control in real time to drive all pick, pack and ship functions for maximum efficiency.  
Long term costs can be significantly reduced with a properly designed and implemented, scalable and flexible warehouse control system.   
Warehouse Automation Designed for Your Distribution Process
Defining and designing your distribution process is critical to implementing the right solution to obtain the most streamlined operation, and to improve all key performance indicators (KPIs) for Perfect Order Processes.  The Numina Group has over thirty years of experience in helping companies to realize maximum profitability through improving key performance indicators such as: complete order fill accuracy, on-time delivery, accurate customer specifications and zero defects.
Our Warehouse Control and Execution System (WCS-WES) is Real-Time Distribution Software, RDS™, and proven to help companies to achieve 99% or greater performance in these key areas, providing significant cost reduction with maximum profitability.  
Real-Time Control for All Warehouse Management Systems
Numina Group’s Real-Time Distribution Software is fully scalable and integrates with any warehouse management system, filling the void between order planning and execution with real time control of your entire distribution process.  
In the high volume, fast paced environment of the largest distribution centers in the world, there is no room for error as even the slightest mistake in inventory counts or labeling and shipping can have severe consequences.  RDS™ drives advanced technologies for automatic printing and applying labeling systems, voice picking and replenishment systems, automatic scanning, weighing and dimension, and smart sorting with automated conveyors, improving accuracy to 99.9%.     
Numina Group’s warehouse automation systems are proven to provide a minimum of 30% increase in profitability, and reductions in labor costs up to 70%.  Real time data is crucial to obtaining these results, proven warehouse control software is something you cannot compromise on.  

Numina Group is recognized as a leading expert in warehouse automation with our superior Tier One Warehouse Control and Execution System, RDS™.  Real-Time Distribution Software combined with advanced technologies deliver significant cost savings with maximum profitability.  Contact us today to speak with an expert automation engineer to learn more about our proven automated warehouse solutions.