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Automated Conveyor Systems for Total Warehouse Control

It takes a lot more than automated conveyors to yield maximum productivity in your distribution
process. Automated conveyor systems should be selected only after a thorough analysis and
design of your entire distribution or order fulfillment process.  The experienced warehouse
design engineers at the Numina Group have in-depth knowledge and decades of experience
to offer skilled analysis and design services which provide optimum throughput for maximum
Numina is independent of any manufacturers, recommending the right equipment and
technologies for your process. Each design is customized for your unique application,
with our skilled engineers developing your optimized warehouse flow in CAD and 3D
rendering software with selected automated technologies including automated conveyors.
Numina Offers a Vast Selection of Automated and MDR Conveyors
Numina is skilled at selecting the conveyor system that will yield the greatest output within an
optimized path.  We select high-quality conveyor equipment combined with a customized design
to ensure the success of your distribution application. We offer a vast selection of automated
conveyor systems to choose from including the following:
  • 24v MDR Conveyor
  • Zero Pressure Accumulation
  • Chain Driven
  • Belt Driven
  • Narrow Belt
  • Roller
  • Line Shaft
  • Spiral
  • Conveyor Sortation Systems
  • Overhead Conveyor

Numerous Benefits of the Numina’s Conveyor Systems
Automated conveying systems must be properly designed and integrated with a
warehouse control software for maximum cost-effectiveness. All conveyor systems
offered by Numina integrate with our Tier One Warehouse Control and Execution
System, Real–Time Distribution, RDS™, to yield the greatest return on investment.
Benefits realized by Numina’s automated warehouse technologies and conveyors include:
    • Quicker cycle times
    • Reduction in operating and labor expenses
    • Increased accuracy in distribution and order fulfillment processes
    • Modular conveyors provide quick setup even in unique installations
Numina is recognized as an industry leading warehouse automation expert improving
productivity and profitability to distribution centers across North America with our reliable
and robust warehouse control software.

Numina provides comprehensive automated warehouse solutions proven to reduce costs and improve profitability. Contact us today to speak with an experienced automation expert to learn more about our high-performing warehouse control system incorporating automated conveyor systems.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Warehouse Design and Layout Crucial to Order Fulfillment Success

Successful order fulfillment processes rely upon a streamlined warehouse design and
layout to maximize productivity. The Numina Group is an experienced warehouse
automation specialist, with proven concepts and ideas to streamline existing order
fulfillment processes or develop a new warehouse design for the most efficient layout
of a new distribution center.
Warehouse design services by the skilled design engineers at Numina Group
improve all processes including product storage, picking, packing, and shipping.
Our experienced engineers and software development staff work collaboratively
with clients to analyze all SKU velocity movements and slotting. We develop a blueprint to
automate your distribution or order fulfillment process that eliminates wasted touches,
reduces labor costs and increases profitability.
Comprehensive Warehouse Design Services by Numina
Numina’s warehouse design engineers thoroughly analyze your distribution
center and warehouse requirements, providing the following comprehensive
    • Facility size and capacity requirements
    • Development of process improvements
    • Design studies
    • Footprint requirements
    • Product slotting and profiling
    • Recommendation of automated technology
    • Blueprint of optimize design
    • ROI payback analysis
Our thorough warehouse analysis and design determines the technologies which are best
suited to provide maximum throughput with a speedy return on investment.  Numina group
is set apart from the competition in that we provide comprehensive solutions which provide
a total turnkey solution, from defining your process needs, designing optimum flow, and
implementing the most advantageous technologies for your process.
Real–Time Distribution, RDS™, Provides Total Warehouse Control and Execution
Effective warehouse control and execution is necessary to realize maximum productivity
in any distribution center or order fulfillment application. Warehouse control software is the
most vital component of an automated distribution application and determines success or
failure of the operation. Real–Time Distribution, RDS™, is a Tier One Warehouse Control
and Execution (WCS-WES) system which outperforms the competition with robust software
that is reliable in demanding, continual operations.

RDS is a family of predetermined modules, flexible and scalable to grow with your business,
easily integrating with any WMS/ERP systems.

Warehouse design and layout services by Numina help our clients to realize productivity
gains of 35% to 50% across a multitude of industries including Omni-channel, E-commerce,
consumer goods, third-party logistics and many more. Contact us today to speak with a
skilled and experienced warehouse design engineer.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Print and Apply Labeling for Complete Pack and Ship Automation

Print and apply labeling by the industry’s leading warehouse automation specialists
at the Numina Group provide complete automation of the pack and ship process.
Our automated labeling systems include proven solutions such as our:

  • Automated Label over Label Pack Slip and Shipping Label Print and Apply
  • Automated Pack Sheet Applicator with One-Step Plus
  • X-Press PAL™ Print and Apply Labeling
  • PFI™ Automated Print-Fold-Insert
These print and apply systems combine with other advanced technologies such as
inline Scan-Weigh-Dimension operator assisted or automated void dunnage,
auto carton lidding to carton taper/sealers for complete automation of the entire
print and apply, pack and ship process.  Numina’s warehouse automation systems
are proven to increase efficiency, accuracy, throughput and profitability to distribution
centers across North America.  

One-Step-Plus™ is the Latest Advancement in Automated Labeling Technology

One-Step-Plus™ streamlines print and apply labeling operations, reducing 30 to 45
seconds for each shipment.  One-Step-Plus™ prints and automatically applies an 8.5” x 11”
combination shipping label and packing slip. This superior automated labeling system is
ideal in high-volume, continuous distribution processes supporting E-com operations for
retailing giants such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Wayfair, QVC, and many more.

Numina’s One-Step-Plus™ is part of a turnkey solution for the entire pack, ship, and
manifesting process, including software, conveyors, and automation components.
Our print and apply labeling systems incorporate in-line scan, weigh, and dimensioning
providing full validation and accurate shipping, eliminating up to eight manual labor

Realized Benefits of Numina’s Print and Apply Labeling

Distribution centers across North America realize several cost-saving efficiencies from
Numina’s print and apply labeling systems which include:
    • Elimination of wasted touches
    • Quick return on investment
    • Improved profitability
    • Increased throughput

The Numina Group offers decades of experience from warehouse automation
engineers, skilled in order fulfillment analysis and warehouse design and layout.  
We partner with you to understand your order fulfillment process and needs to
design a total turnkey solution that delivers maximum productivity and profitability.

Numina Group is the industry leading warehouse automation specialist, providing
customized turnkey solutions for maximum productivity and profitability. We
provide real-time warehouse control and execution to drastically improve order
throughputs and eliminate bottlenecks in your process. Contact us today to speak
with an engineer to learn more about our automated warehouse solutions including
advanced print and apply labeling systems.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Visit Numina Group at MODEX 2018 – Booth #B3519

Numina Group Presents Its Family of Warehouse Automation Technologies at MODEX 2018 – Booth #B3519

Numina Group Modex 2018Numina Group, a leading material handling integrator, will demo several key technologies including their One-Step-Plus™ , which auto applies a combination packing sheet and shipping label, reducing 35 seconds of labor from every shipment. Also featured is RDS™ a leading Top Tier Real-time, Warehouse Execution and Control Software Platform, WES-WCS. Numina Group’s President, Dan Hanrahan, will be presenting a Modex Education Seminar on how to future-proof your business titled “Automation to Boost Productivity in the Last 100 Feet of Distribution” Tuesday, April 10th from 11:15-12:00 in Theater D.

Woodridge, IL April 4, 2018

Technology to be demonstrated by Numina Group at Modex Booth # B3519 includes:
1. One-Step-Plus™ Print and Apply Combination Pack Sheet and Shipping Label
2. RDS™ Pick by Voice
3. Print, Fold, Insert Pack Automation
4. Put to Light Order Consolidation

One Step Plus™ Print and Apply labeling systems auto apply a combination full packing sheet and shipping label. This technology reduces 35 seconds of labor per shipment. The system is ideally suited for high volume continuous distribution operations shipping E-com orders for retail giants such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Wayfair, QVC, and many more.

Pick by Voice technology validates picking steps using a combination of voice commands/responses and hands-free two dimensional barcode scanning. Voice picking can be used for both batch and conveyor picking, and is combined with cartonization logic to support single touch pick to carton applications. Advanced Speaker Independent Voice virtually eliminates operator training time, having new pickers productive in minutes. This technology will also be demonstrated at Numina Group’s booth.

Auto Print Fold Insert (PFI) technology accurately prints, folds, and places one to ten 8.5″ x 11″ printed sheets into cartons ranging from 4″ to 30″ in height. PFI is ideal for operations seeking to automate insertion of packing sheets, return labels, promotional materials, coupons, and new product announcements. PFI™ technology reduces 35 seconds of labor from every order and can be used to automate over 30 cartons per minute.

Put to Light Order Consolidation Put wall order consolidation technology allows a single operator to perform 500+ item scans and puts per hour. Put to light provides a highly efficient and cost effective means to simultaneously pick orders across all of the DC’s pick zones and gain 30% to 50% higher productivity. Combining Pick by Voice with Put to Light allows both single zone picking direct to the shipping carton and simultaneously sweeping items across all of the warehouse zones to consolidation totes.

Numina Group’s RDS™, Real-time Distribution System is the industry’s most complete and scalable Top Tier Warehouse Execution and Control System, WES-WCS. It’s a modular, high performance platform with a full family of software modules that control and manage a wide array of automation technologies to streamline the entire pick, pack, and ship order fulfillment operation.

RDS™ Order Fulfillment Automation Modules Include:
– Cartonization, Wave Release, Work Balancing
– Pick by Voice – Batch Cart and Conveyor Picking
– Pick to Light Order Picking
– Order and Labor Tracking and Reporting
– Put to Light Order Consolidation
– In-line Scan, Weigh, Dimensioning (SWD) and Vision Audit
– Conveyor Control and High Speed Sortation
– Pack Sheet Print and Insertion Automation
– Print and Apply Labeling of Compliance, Pack Sheets, ASN, UCC, HazMat, and Shipping Labels
– Interface to leading WMS/ERP Systems

Define & Design Engineering Services:
– Facility Selection & Sizing
– Value Stream Mapping
– Process Improvement Design Services
– SKU Slotting and Profiling
– Material Handling System Design
– Conveyor and Sorting Systems
– Turnkey System Integration

About the Numina Group – Numina Group has over 30 years of experience providing a full range of services from consulting, to design, to implementation of automated warehouse and distribution centers. To learn more about Numina Group, visit their website at

For further information contact:
Jen Maloney
Marketing Coordinator
Numina Group
(630) 343-2622

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Print Fold Insert Warehouse Automation Featured at Modex 2018

Automate the insertion of packing sheets, compliance documents, promotional materials, return labels and any other printed document requirements with the industry’s leading Print Fold Insert PFI™ warehouse automation technology. Numina is pleased to demonstrate this technology at Modex 2018, the largest supply chain Expo in both North and South America taking place April 9th through the 12th in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. If you are attending the Modex show this year, be sure to find Numina Group at Booth #B3519 to learn more about PFI™ technology and our automated warehouse solutions. Numina’s Print Fold Insert warehouse automation technology eliminates manual folding and inserting of documents providing many benefits to distribution processes across North America. Some advantages realized by customers include:
    Increased accuracy
  • Elimination of manual folding and inserting work stations
  • Increased throughput with rates 13 to 30+ cartons per minute, CPM
  • Elimination of bottlenecks in packaging processes
  • Versatility with single and double-sided printing
  • Printing of custom logos and graphics onto any paper or preprinted forms
  • Typical ROI in 18 months or less

Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, Provides Tier One Warehouse Control

Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, provides Tier One warehouse control and execution of advanced technologies which include:
  • Print Fold Insert, PFI™, eliminating manual folding and insertion of documents
  • Voice Picking System for reduced labor costs and increased accuracy to 99.99%
  • Print and Apply Labeling Systems for automatic application of shipping and compliance labels
  • Order Cartonization provides single touch pick and pack direct to shipping cartons
  • Pick and Put to Light offers light directed pick and put applications such as wall order consolidation
  • Scan Weigh Dimension technology provides in-line capture of dimension and weight for validation and automated sorting
  • Automated Conveyor Systems accelerate order fulfillment throughput
The Numina Group offers automated warehouse solutions and realized cost savings with our Warehouse Control and Execution System, RDS™. View our case studies to see real life success stories, and contact us today to learn more about how we can provide maximum warehouse automation for increased productivity and profitability to your distribution process.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Discover Voice Picking Technology Like No Other at Modex 2018

If you’re looking for the voice picking technology of the future, you don’t want to miss Numina Group at the 2018 Modex show, April 9th – 12th in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. Modex is the largest supply chain Expo in North and South America, with the largest gathering of automation experts, utilizing the latest technology for supply chain solutions. We are excited to participate again to help businesses learn how to enjoy dramatic cost savings in labor expense with drastic gains in efficiency. If you are attending Modex 2018 to learn how to improve your supply chain performance, you don’t want to miss Numina at Booth #B3519.

Voice Picking Technology to Future proof Your Business

Numina’s Real Time Distribution, RDS™, is a warehouse control system that integrates with any WMS or ERP system to bring together real time control of all order fulfillment processes. RDS™ is a family of flexible and scalable modules to grow with your business. RDS Voice improves accuracy to 99.99% along with an increase in productivity rates of anywhere from 30% to 70%. to discover the gains in efficiency and reduction in labor costs provided by RDS Voice Picking Technology. Additional benefits realized by RDS Voice customers include:
  • Hands free single touch pick and pack directly to shipping carton
  • Quick implementation and start up
  • Integrates with any WMS or ERP
  • Directs employees through the most optimized path
  • Reduces labor costs from 30% to 70%
  • Increases accuracy to 99.99%
  • Quick ROI typically in less than one year

Numina Offers Comprehensive Warehouse Design and Control Solutions

Numina offers comprehensive warehouse design and control solutions which improve the productivity and profitability of order fulfillment processes. Numina does a lot more than offer the most advanced warehouse automation control software and technologies including automated conveyor systems. We partner with you and analyze your warehouse design and order fulfillment processes to deliver cost-efficient, automated solutions that provide maximum profitability. Find us at Booth #B3519 to learn more about how the Numina Group can improve your order fulfillment processes. Our engineers have decades of experience in defining, designing and implementing warehouse automated solutions across North America that outperform the competition. Numina Group is an industry leading warehouse automation specialist offering automated solutions to distribution centers across America. Contact us today to speak with an automation engineer and learn how RDS™ voice picking technology provides fast, accurate, and simple solutions to improve profitability.

Accelerate Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Productivity by Automating the Last 100’ of the DC!

We’re often asked by clients to identify ways to accelerate throughput and eliminate the bottlenecks in a manual pack and ship order fulfillment operation. The initiative can include all three components of Ecommerce Order Fulfillment – pick, pack, and ship at the 3PL’s or client’s warehouse.

The pack and ship area, however, is the low-hanging fruit prime for process improvements and automation technologies. The last 100 feet – the pack and ship area – is many times the bottleneck, throttling output, due to multiple touches and excessive manual handling.

Pack automation conveyor lines can scale from a single line to 10 or more lines and support 15 to 100 parcels per minute at 3 to 4 times the productivity of a manual pack area. Replace outdated processes with lean, efficient automation technologies to gain a rapid ROI and boost order fulfillment throughput rates.

What’s driving growth and initiatives to automate? It’s the unrelenting shift to online sales, where order profiles are shipments of on average 1-3 each. This is also evident in last November’s online sales accounting for nearly 18% year-over-year growth, according to Adobe Analytics. This boost in ecommerce is creating a new paradigm and opportunity for 3PLs and distributors to add technologies that can both lower labor costs while increasing throughput in current or new operations.

If your current parcel pack and ship area operation is relying on manual labor, especially temporary labor during peak season you’re going to find it increasingly hard to meet the 2018 expected growth in ecommerce shipments. Labor is becoming a scarce commodity, expensive to recruit and keep. Warehouse wages are rising 12-15%. When pack and ship relies on manual labor, it is a major profit drain.

A 2,000 to 3,000 carton per day operation requires a minimum of 4-5 operators to manually pack and manifest orders, and restricts peak throughput to 250-300 orders per hour. Think of each operator’s repetitive low value work tasks:

  1. Re-packing and scanning each item in the order shipment
  2. Adding void fill
  3. Hand scanning and keyboard data entry
  4. Manually weighing each parcel
  5. Printing and placing the packing sheet into the carton
  6. Hand taping each package
  7. Or worse: Folding and placing the pack sheet in a plastic pouch, then applying it to the outside of the carton
  8. Printing and hand applying the carrier shipping label to the outside of the carton

This process is way too slow, expensive and error prone to support any mid to high volume ecommerce order fulfillment operation! Regardless of the DC’s volume, automation will lower labor costs. Automation replaces manual touches throughout the pack and ship operation and eliminates errors and the bottleneck of obsolete manual packing and manifesting operations. Integrating perfect processes and automation technologies turns pack and ship into a continuous order shipping machine.

Summary of benefits in-line pack automation provides B to C and B to B order fulfillment:

  • One to two operators perform the work of 6-8 people at a void fill carton seal station, processing 700 cartons per hour B to B or B to C shipments.
  • Reduces over 50 seconds of labor from every order.
  • Handle a wide variety of shipment sizes from poly bags, flats, cartons ranging in size from .25” H to 30” high.
  • Reduces errors, increase revenues, and streamlines packing, shipping, and manifesting; with a rapid ROI in under 15 months for a 2,000 to 3,000 parcel a day distribution operation.
  • Rapid ROI in under 15 months for a 2,000 to 3,000 parcel a day distribution operation.

Key elements of ecommerce order fulfillment include timely delivery and positive customer experience. A consumer’s major “touch experience” following order delivery is the right documentation. A pack line that centralizes the documentation, void fill, and sealing instead of relying on an army of individuals to do these tasks manually allows 1-2 operators to perform the equivalent work of 10 to 12 operators.

Expect reduction in manual labor combined with significant throughput increases to reduce cost per shipment by up to $1.00 when changing your process to printing and presenting the pack sheet at the taper sealer. You can fully automate by auto printing and inserting the pack sheet, promotional information, etc. on the conveyor line prior to the in-line void fill and taper/sealer to achieve even better results.

After sealing, the cartons convey to an automated scan-weigh-dimensioner system with a print and apply label applicator. This automates the shipping manifesting process and auto applies the carrier shipping label application in a single fully-automated step. There are a few choices of labeling technologies:

  1. Auto Application of a 4” x 6” (or smaller) shipping label
  2. Auto Application of a combination 4” x 6” removable pack slip and ship label
  3. Auto application of a combination 8” x 11” full pack sheet and shipping label

If the requirements for every ecommerce order fulfillment shipment include a full packing sheet, with the company logo, product description, customer policies, a return label, and sales promotional coupons then a laser printed full pack sheet inserted into or placed on the outside of the carton is the best technology choice. If a 3PL or any distribution operation wants the ability to convey customer appreciation and help retain and promote future sales, automated documentation technology is a critical component.

An automated pack line can consist of as little as 20 feet of powered conveyor. A pack and ship conveyor is a critical operation component because it integrates the pack and ship flow and blends the automation technologies into an integrated solution. The conveyor of choice in packing is 24 VDC motor driven roller, MDR equipment. It provides a low energy, low noise and operator safe ergonomic work area.

MDR conveyor provides the ability to transport small cartons from 7” x 5” to the largest variety of carton sizes using zero touch transport and accumulation zones. It is ideally suited to pack and ship lines for integrating void fill, carton tapers, scales, print and apply labeling with packed, labeled and ready to ship cartons transported and sorted directly to the specific carrier pallet build or trailer loading destinations.

Numina Group’s family of automated packing solutions includes all of the above automation and labeling technologies.

Scan-Weigh-Dimensioning Consider the advantages a 3PL or distribution center has when every parcel shipment is automatically inspected using an in-line scan-weigh dimensioning system. DIM freight charges are now calculated by all the major parcel shippers: FedEx, UPS and USPS. Billable charges are based on a package’s Length X Width X Height divided by the carrier DIM factor (around 166) to determine a parcel’s shipping cost. The in-line DIM measurement system “closes the pick, pack and ship loop” using actual weight and size to validate the order content and ensure the lowest parcel shipment costs. Further validation can be incorporated by adding a vision audit camera for inspection.

One-Step-Plus™ performs the full pack sheet print and placement under the removable shipping label. It auto applies the full 8.5” x 11” packing sheet with a removable label printed and securely placed under the label and to the top of the carton. If the case/order is, for example, an Amazon shipment, an additional 4 x 6 delivery label, a side applicator is included to auto apply the required retailer/e-tailer compliant label.

One-Step Plus has been widely used in medical device and pharmaceutical distribution applications that can’t open cases at the receiving operation. Hospital and medical centers require the order documentation to be on the outside of the parcel shipment

Automated Print Fold Insert – PFI™ prints, folds, and inserts the pack sheet into the carton. The PFI™ can also be used to insert documents at the start of an automated conveyor picking line into a carton or tote. Both One Step Plus™ and PFI™ technologies were developed to eliminate the labor spent printing, folding, inserting or applying packing sheets to parcel shipping applications.

The systems are ergonomically designed and supplied with the software controls and commissioning services as a single source solution. The systems both utilize the fastest high resolution printing technology to on demand print either a single sided or duplex sheet with the capabilities of printing graphics, customer logos, and terms and conditions at a rate of 13 CPM per unit. In higher volume operations, two or more parallel lines can double or triple the case per minute throughput. Each labeling line includes validation scanners to perform 100% label/documentation accuracy at 5 to 10 times the capabilities of manual operations.

Regardless of the warehouse, efulfillment is becoming a growing component of the operation. If 3PLs and Distribution Center’s need to minimize labor, they need automated labeling and manifesting technology that can run unattended during daily shipping spikes or peak 24/7 “Cyber Month” periods. Pack and ship automation can reduce over 50 seconds of labor from every order shipment by automating the order document shipping label so case and cartons can be processed and conveyed in a continuous operation and cartons and cases transported and sorted directly to the carrier delivery trailer.

Call to get additional facts on automating your pick, pack, ship and manifesting processes and plan to visit us at Modex 2018 booth B3519 to see the One-Step Plus and PFI in action. Plan to attend the Numina Group Educational Seminar: Automation to Boost Productivity in the Final 100’ of Distribution at Modex on Tuesday, April 10th 11:15-12:00 in Theater D.

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