Friday, May 17, 2019

Warehouse Automation Trends in 2019

Automation technology advances at rapid rates as is evidenced all around us with voice activated assistants like Alexa and self-driving cars.  Automation is in our homes, on our phones, our computers and in every business, especially order fulfillment and distribution centers. Giant e-tailers like Amazon aren’t the only companies requiring warehouse automation.  

Small to mid-sized companies must operate with automation and efficiency in order to remain competitive. Automation is an integral part of manufacturing, warehouse and distribution center operations worldwide.  Automated warehouse systems makes order fulfillment operations more accurate, efficient and reliable. 

Automating warehouse and distribution center operations is the key to maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Here are a few of the top trends in warehouse automation for 2019:

1)  Integration of Warehouse Robotics
Companies are realizing that integration of warehouse robotics boosts efficiency and profitability in many operations and is not only beneficial to the giant e-commerce companies.  Manufacturing operations use automated conveyor systems to move material, order fulfillment companies use automated systems to print and apply labels to cartons, in-line scanning and automated conveyors for sorting.  
The use of these automated systems is helping companies to meet order requirements and prepare for future growth.  Automated, streamlined operations provide a higher level of efficiency and accuracy while reducing manual labor expenses.

2)  Warehouse Design and Layout
Strategic warehouse design and layout is required to take full advantage of the advancements in automated technology available today.   An experienced warehouse automation company will design your warehouse to streamline order flow based on specific SKU velocity and order requirements. Organizing picking, packing and shipping for strategic material movement is critical to fully utilize automated conveyors, robots and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs). 

3) Full Traceability with Transparency
Companies must keep track of their products throughout the order fulfillment process to track things such as lot numbers of assembled components for quality control and locations to manage inventory.  Companies can use bar-coded labels which can be automatically scanned and routed to proper locations or radiofrequency ID (RFID) tags to track product throughout their process.

Numina Group Offers Full Warehouse Automation
Numina Group is a leading warehouse automation company offering more than 30 years of experience in skilled warehouse design and layout, order flow analysis and delivering automated solutions.  We partner with you to define your current objectives based on actual order flow, design your material movement and order fulfillment process for maximum efficiency and implement the right technologies to deliver maximum benefit.
Our tier one warehouse control system, Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, provides robust and reliable real-time control of advanced automated technologies.  RDS drives automated systems customized to your process and easily integrates with existing warehouse management or enterprise resource planning software.  RDS includes a family of modules for flexibility and scalability to grow with your business.
Our skilled engineers help you determine which technologies will provide the most benefit and offer automated solutions such as:
  • Voice picking systems
  • Print and apply labeling
  • Automated conveyors
  • In-line scanning
  • Automatic weight and dimension verification
  • Automatic sorting and routing
  • Order release module
  • Labor tracking and reporting
Numina’s warehouse automation solutions improve efficiency and accuracy across a broad range of industries.  We provide the latest in warehouse automation technologies to improve order processes to e-commerce, healthcare, food and beverage, consumer goods, industrial operations and many more. Contact us to learn more about the latest in automation trends and how to achieve maximum productivity and profitability with warehouse automation.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Functions of a Successful Warehouse Control System

A warehouse control system (WCS) is a powerful software system which orchestrates material movement and order flow within a distribution center or warehouse. The WCS provides automated handling of subsystems such as automated conveyors, scanners, sorters, routers, and equipment to perform applications such as printing and applying of labels.  Warehouse control systems designed with various modules provide the flexibility to integrate the most needed functions immediately and easily add additional functions to support new order flows and operational growth. 

An experienced warehouse automation company will provide in-depth analysis of current material movement and order fulfillment requirements.  This analysis provides the framework for a skilled warehouse design and layout which optimizes streamlined order flow for efficiency, accuracy and higher profitability.  The right warehouse control system will improve the operation with perfect order processes.

Warehouse control systems do much more than just route material with automated conveyors.  Tier one warehouse execution and control systems provide the intelligence needed with real-time visibility for planning based on current order requirements, staffing and material.

Start to Finish Warehouse Automation
Warehouse control systems automate the entire order flow process from start to finish to enhance the entire pick, pack and ship functions. Voice picking systems, pick to light, put to light, in-line scanning and automated conveyors interface with real-time information to synchronize product movement through complete order fulfillment.

Integration with Existing Warehouse Management Systems
Warehouse control systems should easily integrate with existing warehouse management and enterprise resource planning systems to coordinate automation with smooth implementation.

Boost Order Fulfillment Efficiency
The right automated technologies integrated with your warehouse control system will reduce manual labor expenses while improving efficiency, accuracy and throughput. Meeting order fulfillment demands with efficient and accurate operations improves customer satisfaction and order fulfillment metrics.

Transparency and Visibility
Real-time warehouse control systems provide transparency and visibility to the order flow process. This allows order flow management to make informed decisions to identify potential issues such as bottleneck areas before they become a serious problem.

Numina Group Offers Real-Time Warehouse Control System
Numina Group offers more than 30 years of experience in warehouse design and layout, order flow analysis and implementation of advanced automated technologies. Our tier one warehouse control system, Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, gives companies the competitive advantage needed with efficient and accurate order fulfillment.

Real-Time Distribution is proven in distribution centers across North America to significantly improve order fulfillment metrics and overall business operations. Our customers reports labor expense reductions up to 70% and improvements to profitability of 30%. Contact an engineer today to learn how you can improve your processes with the most robust and reliable warehouse control system available.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Eliminate Bottlenecks in Order Flow with Print and Apply Labeling

The packaging area where packing slips and shipping labels are applied to the outside of cartons is typically the area where bottlenecks occur in the order flow process. Implementing automated print and apply labeling systems is proven to increase order fulfillment efficiency and accuracy by completely eliminating human error. The increase in throughput with automatic label application is significant, providing a quick return on investment and increases to profitability. 

Experienced Warehouse Automation Solutions
An experienced warehouse automation company will assist in implementing automated label application systems combined with comprehensive automated solutions.  Numina Group offers more than 30 years of experience in warehouse design and layout, defining the automated technologies which deliver maximum benefit.  Our experienced automation engineers analyze order flow with SKU velocity, capacity analysis and value stream mapping exercises to map out the most advantageous, streamlined order flow.

Numina Group offers the one and only Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, a revolutionary tier one warehouse execution and control system. RDS™ provides powerful, real time control of advanced automated equipment such as print and apply labeling systems and voice picking systems. RDS easily integrates with existing WMS or ERP systems to build upon and improve your order fulfillment process. 

Print and Apply Labeling with Real Time Warehouse Control
Numina’s print and apply labeling systems include One-Step™ and One-Step Plus™ proven to significantly improve productivity and accuracy for a quick return on investment (ROI).  Automatic print and apply systems by Numina outperform comparable systems and process up to 25 cartons per minute with high speed accuracy. This advanced automatic label application system is versatile, processing single or duplex printing of shipping labels and packing slips or combination shipping labels and packing slips.  
Automatic print and apply technology combined with our in-line scanning provides additional benefit with automatic verification of weight and dimensions, eliminating the need for final inspections. 

Numina’s warehouse control system with print and apply labeling is proven in several high volume distribution centers across North America. Contact Numina today to learn how to improve your order fulfillment process for improved efficiency, accuracy and profitability.